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Leather Chemicals

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DCI is reckoned as one of the leading Manufacturers & Exporters of Leather Chemical in India. We are focused on Speciality Fat Liquors , White Fat Liquor , Wetting–Degreasing Agents, Syntans , Binders , Feel Modifiers , Solvents & TCMTB Preservatives. We focus on R&D based speciality Fat-Liquors that are High Performance based. We offer a wide range of Leather Chemicals for Wet-End Chemicals. We constantly innovate to create New Generation Chemistries like Sulfone Syntan .These products are of world-Class Quality give smoothness, elasticity, stability to the leather products and also improve the grain resistance of the fabric. Today, We export our Products to more than 16 Countries across the globe.


Product Description
SPYOL New Generation Fat Liquor based on special softeners
DECIL - 909 Fiber Relaxing Polymer based Fat-Liquor.
DECIL Whitening Fat liquor based on blend of Phospholipids, Fatty matters &
Multicharge Softeners. Excellent for White Leathers.
DECIL S-133 Universal Multi-charge Compact Fat Liquor
DECIL X-30 Versatile Synthetic Fat Liquor based on Sulphited
Hydrocarbons & Paraffin Wax.
DECIL S-90 Synthetic Fat liquor with Excellent Softness Imparting Effect
DECIL SS Functional substitute of Sperm Oil
DECIL LC-60 Extremely efficient fat liquoring agent for upholstery and garment
DECIL L-100 Lanolin containing fat liquoring agent for all kinds of leather
SUPERSOFT Polymer based New Generation Fat liquor.
EON WX New Generation Whitening Fat liquor with excellent Softness
DECIL FS-100 Synthetic Fat Liquor
DECIL FS-300 Synthetic Odorless Substitute of Fish Oil
DECIL K-20 Speciality Fat liquor based on blend of sulphonated olefins,
Fatty Matters and Glycerides
DECIL NB Fat liquor with a combination of special additives
DECIL DX-20 Yellowish brown liquid.
DECIL PRIME Fat liquor with extra softness and humectants effect
DECIL SM Semi-Synthetic Fat Liquor based on unique blend of natural &
synthetic sulphated oils
DECIL LW A speciality Fat liquor for nourishing and retaining moisture.
DECIL EURO A speciality Fat liquor Based of Synthetic Fatty matters &
sulphated Oils.
DECIL K-EF A high performance fat liquor based on blend of Natural &
Synthetic sulphated oils.
DECIL SK A speciality oil which gives burnishing and humectant effect
DECIL HI-BLEACH Hi performance bleaching agent
DECIL CW Cationic fat liquor with excellent dispersing effect
DECIL SLD Universal Non-ionoc semi-synthetic fat liquor based on Natural
DECITAN SP Low pH High-performance Acid Acrylic syntan
DECITAN AP-40 Acrylic Polymer
DEBIND-150 Very Soft Acrylic Binder
DEBIND D-300 Soft film Binder
DEBIND D-100 Acrylic Resin Dispersion
DECIFEEL SHINE Soft film Shining
DECIFEEL SILK Top Coat Shining
DECIWET HA Chrome Dispersing Agent
DESOFT C-100 for Universal Application
DECIWET EO Wetting Agent & Dispersant
DECIWET N Economical wetting agent and detergent based on alkyl aryl sulphate.
DECIWET DOS Wetting agent and detergent based on Dioctyl solution
DECIVEEN - XI Water Soluble Polyol used as a humectants in place of glycerin.
DECIVEEN SUPER Moisture Retainer
DE-CIDE ABU-30 Preservative fungicide
DE-CIDE ABU-60 Preservative fungicide
DE-CIDE PRO-500 TCMTB Free fungicide


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